Borrower Q&A

With UpliftCredits, you buy now and pay later.

UpliftCredits and its partners (e.g., other lenders) pay the clinic or hospital for treatments and procedures right away, and you pay UpliftCredits (or our lending partners) in equal monthly payments between 2 to 60 months.

Step by step of how it works is:

  • First, you get preapproved for UpliftCredits.

  • Second, you choose your beauty, dental, or health provider, even if they are not an UpliftCredits partner.

  • Third, you approve payments to your care provider.

  • Last, you pay us (or our partners) in equal monthly payments in 2-60 months via automated care-free direct withdrawal from your bank.

You can get preapproved for up to $50,000 for your beauty, dental, health, and travel expenses.

We will let you know how much UpliftCredits you are preapproved for ahead of time so that you can budget your beauty, dental, health, and travel costs.

If you want a spouse or a friend to accompany you during your international trip, you can also use your UpliftCredits for their travel costs.

You pay 0% interest and $0 fees when you pay your loan within two months after approving payment to the clinic or hospital.

For loans over two months, the interest rates start from 6%. Depending on the lender, there are fees for non-payment.

You can choose your loan term from 2 to 60 months and pay it back on a bi-weekly or monthly frequency.

You can set up automatic payments, so you don’t miss any payments.

Yes, our system sends you notifications to your preferred contact, like e-mail or SMS messages.  

If you borrow from one of our lending partners, you can ask them to send you automatic notifications.

Checking if you prequalify for a loan at UpliftCredits will not affect your credit score.

When you’re ready to get the procedure you want and choose to get a loan with us, UpliftCredits (or our lending partner), similar to any other lender and credit card provider, will ask for a credit history from the credit bureau, which may impact your credit score.

Typically, we provide you an answer with your preapproved credit limit as fast as one day.

We may need a few more days if we have questions about your application. If you end up working with our lending partners, they may take a few days to review your application.

We aim to ensure that everyone gets the care they want or need now.

The approval criteria are different for our lending partners and us. At the minimum, you need to live in the US or Canada (Europe and Australia residency acceptance coming soon), have a stable job, and enough income to pay back the loan.

It is not a problem if your doctor or clinic is not an UpliftCredits partner.

You let us know who they are, and we will get in touch with them and let them know how they can become a partner at no cost.

If your clinic or doctor chooses not to become an UpliftCredits partner, that is still not a problem; we can give you a pre-paid credit card to pay for your beauty, dental, health, and travel expenses.

It is less costly for you and them when your preferred clinic or doctor becomes an UpliftCredits partner.

There are usually no refunds because once you receive the beauty, dental, or health procedure, you can’t give it back.

In the odd situation, where you change your mind from the time you approve the payment and the time you receive the payment, we will work with your clinic or doctor to get the refunds they owe you, and we will then pay the refund towards your account balance.