Clinic Q&A

With UpliftCredits, we pay your clinic or hospital immediately, and your patient or client pays us (or our lending partner) back in 2 to 60 months.

The step by step of how it works for your clinic is:

  • First, you send an invoice or a payment request to your patient or client in the same way as you always do.
  • Second, your patient or client opens the UpliftCredits app. and approves payment to your clinic or hospital. You receive a notification as soon as they approve the payment.
  • Third, the next business day, you receive a notification that the funds are on their way. In many situations, you receive funds the same or the next day.

There are many benefits.


First, because of UpliftCredits, your patients or clients can more easily afford to pay for the procedure and travel costs, so they will buy your services more easily and even at higher prices. Your revenues go up by usually by 15-25%. Your profits go up by much more.

Second, in most cases, you save 3-5% on credit card fees, plus you receive your money even quicker than your bank.

Third, you get more leads for your clinic and hospital for free.

There is zero cost to your clinic or hospital for becoming an UpliftCredits partner.

Normally, there is a 1% transaction fee to the clinic or the hospital. Currently, we have a promotion, and we are waiving the 1% transaction fee for “all” future loans we give your patients or clients, so long as you:

a)      Complete your partnership application within the first 60 days of our initial call; and

b)      Ensure at least one of your patients or clients applies for UpliftCredits preapproval at no cost or obligation to you or your patient or client.

Your clinic will never be responsible for your patient or client’s non-payment of their loans to UpliftCredits or our lending partners.

There is no limit to the number of patients or clients you send for approval. Over 85% of patients and clients in Canada and the US get approved for UpliftCredits.

We work with clinics and hospitals that provide any kind of beauty, dental or medical procedures.

Procedures and travel costs can be any amount, but we pay up to $50,000 loan per procedure.

We generally work with clinics and hospitals outside of Canada, the US, and Western Europe.

You can contact us for help or enroll your clinic or hospital on our website within a few minutes for free. Before publishing your clinic or hospital on our directory, we may contact you for additional information to verify your clinic or hospital.

Once set up, we will promote your clinic or hospital on our website, social media, and news outlets. And, we will provide you with all the support you need at no cost.

Patients and clients who find your clinic through our platform will directly reach out to your team to discuss their needs. We usually don’t get involved in your discussions with your patient or client, but we can help you and your patients or clients if you need us.

We will give you all the support you need because we recognize that every clinic or hospital has unique needs.

We’ll feature you on our global directory of clinics and hospitals focused on health tourism for North American and European patients or clients. We’ll provide your clinic with marketing material for your website and training support for your marketing and sales staff. And, we’ll work closely with you to make sure your patients or clients get the loan they need to complete their procedure with your clinic or hospital.

The entire UpliftCredits process is straightforward, and we can start accepting applications from your patients or clients within a few hours after you signup your clinic or hospital.

We are always a WhatsApp, a call, or an email away in multiple languages to help you with anything you may need.

As the first step, your patients or clients apply for an UpliftCredit buy-now-pay-later loan, usually in less than 5 minutes.

We usually pre-approve your North American patients or clients usually within one day for the cost of procedures and travel. Over 85% of the applicants get approved.

When your clinic or hospital sends your patient or client your invoice, they approve the payment to your clinic or hospital on UpliftCredit’s website. Once they approve your invoice, you receive a transfer the next business day.

Your patient or client pays UpliftCredits or our lending partners in 2 to 60 months. The payment usually comes out of their bank account automatically.

There are no application fees for your patients or clients. If your patients or clients choose to use UpliftCredits, we will give them a loan they can use towards the cost of the procedure and travel.

If your patients or clients pay back the loan within two months, there is 0% interest and no fees. If they choose to pay in 3 to 60 months, they will pay interest and fees.

We aim to provide the best personal loan interest in the market. The interest rate varies according to several factors, including your patient or client’s credit history and ability to pay back the loan.